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about usShenzhen Qianhai Hengyunlian Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Qianhai Hengyunlian Technology Co., Ltd.

focuses on the application fields of flexible transparent LED film screens and multimedia transparent displays. The company brings together professors from relevant disciplines domestic and overseas, as well as a professional technical team with a Ph.D. in materials science. It is in a leading position in the field of flexible transparent LED film screen application technology and has multiple independent research and development patents to safeguard itself. We have research and development bases and modern production workshops in Shenzhen and Zhuhai, respectively.
Flexible organic polyester film materials with independent intellectual property rights in China not only have excellent expansion and contraction properties, transparency, high temperature resistance, but also possess flame retardant properties. The LED film screens developed on the basis of this film material is ultra light, ultra-thin, and ultra power-saving; The lamp- drive separation process makes the product safer and more stable, with a lifespan of up to 96000 hours. 
Flexible transparent LED film screens are widely used in shop window advertisements, shopping malls, airports, high-speed rail stations, museums, financial institutions, exhibition displays, grand festival venues, building curtain walls, and other fields. Hengyunlian adheres to the original intention of harmonious win-win and creating value for customers, utilizing the advantages of its own products to bring customers better competitive advantages and higher added value.
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Hengyunlian Technology Co., Ltd. has jointly developed organic polyester film materials with professors and doctors from various disciplines. After unremitting efforts, it has broken through the cooperation with a domestic university on organic polyester film materials. The newly developed materials not only have excellent shrinkage, transparency, and high temperature resistance, but also have flame retardant properties. Especially after process improvement, the adhesion has been greatly improved, which enables it to have the advantage of large-scale production.

This product is successfully developed using advanced flexible organic polyester film materials, which are not only thin and light, but also highly flexible, allowing for 360° bending and even rolling up. This enables the Hengyunlian LED flexible film screen to adapt to various scenarios and environments, and can even be applied to our daily lives.

  • 500
    500m² R&D base
  • 30000
    30000m² of factory
  • 200
    R&D personnel
  • 2015

The Hengyunlian flexible transparent LED film screen is not only energy-saving and environmentally friendly. 

In today's increasingly global consensus on environmental protection, the Hengyunlian flexible film screen uses environmentally friendly materials in the production process, greatly reducing its impact on the environment. At the same time, the Hengyunlian flexible transparent film screen achieves true energy conservation and power saving, with electricity consumption being one-third of traditional display screens. In addition, due to its light and thin, bendable characteristics, the Hengyunlian flexible film screen is easier to recycle and reuse after disposal, thus achieving sustainable development. This not only allows people to enjoy the visual experience, but also complies with international standards for environmental protection.

Lead the development of future technology

The emergence of Hengyunlian flexible thin-film screen undoubtedly points out the direction for the future development of transparent thin-film LED display technology. From the perspective of consumers, this product will bring us a richer visual experience. From the perspective of the industry, Hengyunlian flexible thin-film screen will promote technological innovation and development of the entire display industry, leading the industry forward. Hengyunlian flexible thin-film screen will change our new understanding of display screen with its unique advantages and potential.


Hengyunlian LED series products can be widely used in special-shaped logos, geographical signs, commercial display windows, exhibitions, intelligent vehicle advertising, transparent touch, sensor interactive display and other fields. With the accelerated development of 5G informatization and smart cities, the demand for LED systems is exploding. Hengyunlian upholds the principle of harmony and win-win, and creates value for customers. The flexible film display products are integrated with advanced proprietary intellectual property technology to present a dazzling colorful picture, bringing visual enjoyment to customers. Hengyunlian is committed to being an explorer in the field of flexible transparent display, and building an aircraft carrier for flexible transparent display products.

Master the key to future technology

In the face of technological innovations such as Hengyunlian flexible thin-film screens, we cannot help but look forward to the future. In this era of rapid technological advancement, mastering advanced technologies such as Hengyunlian flexible thin-film screens means mastering the initiative of the future. Both individuals and enterprises should recognize the importance of this and actively embrace the opportunities for change brought by technological innovation. Let us look forward to the bright future brought by Hengyunlian flexible thin-film screens and more technological innovations!