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P4 transparent LED car advertising display screen

Car Screen Series

P4 transparent LED car advertising display screen

Add a touch of technology to your driving experience

The driving journey brings a brand new visual enjoyment

Bring a fashionable, technological, and practical driving

experience to your beloved car

    Product Features

    Given To Philandering: Using flexible LED film material, the screen is lightweight and easy to carry. The module thickness is ≤ 5.5mm and the weight is 3.5kg/㎡

    Power: The power consumption is one-third of that of other car mounted display screens with the same spacing, reducing the battery consumption of the tram, using the least amount of electricity, and displaying the best results, no longer worrying about the power consumption.

    Product Details

    P4 transparent LED car advertising display screen is an innovative technology for outdoor advertising. The LED car advertising display screen is designed to be installed inside different vehicles and become a mobile advertising platform. The platform updates the advertising content in each area in real-time through dedicated positioning software. This LED screen adopts a transparent and energy-saving design, which reduces power consumption while maintaining playback effects.
    The P4 transparent LED advertising display screen can display dynamic and static content such as videos, animations, and promotional information, providing better promotional effects in advertising activities. This flexible advertising platform can customize content for businesses, merchants, and individuals to maximize the impact of marketing efforts.

    Product parameters

    model P4: 4*4mm
    Single module 640*240mm
    Pixel density 160*60
    Single box body 1280*960
    Pixel /㎡ 62500
    color processing 16bit
    working voltage 5V
    Average Power 35W/M²
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    • What is a flexible transparent display screen?

      Made of soft material, can bend 360 °

    • What is the weight of a transparent screen?

      Compared to traditional display screens, it is lightweight with a weight of 2.5 kilograms per square meter

    • How to maintain LED transparent display screens?

      The battery is charged for about 2 hours every two weeks without humidity. If there is humidity, the duration of the battery is determined by the humidity

    Application scenarios

    As an important means of transportation in cities, taxis have a large number and numerous routes, making them unparalleled in penetrating the bustling roads of the city. The key to choosing advertising tools is to value the size of the audience and the scope of dissemination. At the same time, taxis are a good carrier for showcasing the city's image. LED electronic display screens are installed on the top or rear windows of taxis as a platform for information dissemination, which can beautify the city's appearance, do a good job in the image engineering of urban lighting, and achieve the practical goal of rapid development for the takeoff of the city's economy.
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