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P8 flexible transparent LED irregular screen

Alien Screen Series

P8 flexible transparent LED irregular screen

Breaking the framework, breaking through imagination, and ensuring that the image is distortion free

Irregular screens allow your creativity to be infinitely extended, efficient and stable

Show off your personality and add points to your brand image

    Product Features

    A wide range of applications: Transparent LED irregular display screens can be applied in various scenarios and fields, such as commercial displays, advertising, stage performances, art decoration, etc. Its unique design and transparent characteristics can bring innovative visual experiences and display effects to various fields。

    Mounting Structure: Provide matching installation methods based on different products, and apply them to different scenarios and installation methods may also vary,It can be installed in columns, suspended or on the ground according to actual needs, which is very flexible and convenient.

    Product Details

    The P8 transparent LED special shaped screen is an innovative LED display product that not only has clarity and good brightness, but also has advantages such as transparency, durability, stability, energy conservation, and environmental protection. It can meet the display needs of advertisements while maintaining the transparency of the space, without affecting the overall visual effect. It is suitable for decoration and display needs in various commercial, stage, and special occasions. We believe that choosing a P8 transparent LED special shaped screen can definitely bring unexpected effects and returns.

    Product parameters


    P8: 8*8mm

    Single module


    Pixel density


    Single box body


    Pixel density


    color processing

    8bit ~ 16bit

    working voltage


    Average Power


    P8 transparent LED spherical stereoscopic playback with no dead corners for viewing Personalized design can create a stunning visual impact (1)rgh


    • Is the process requirement for irregular display screens high?

      The process of special-shaped screens is much higher than that of conventional screens, for example, the control board must be able to bend

    • Do you have any requirements for the size of irregular screens?

      There are requirements for the size, such as the circular diameter cannot be less than 960mm

    • What scenarios are special-shaped display screens suitable for?

      Partial indoor use, with one example used outdoors

    Application scenarios

    The LED spherical screen allows the audience to view from a 360 ° full angle, making the details of the image easy to express and providing an intuitive and perfect video experience
    SDpherical stereoscopic playback with no dead corners for viewing Personalized design can create a stunning visual impact (1)uzb


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