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P8 transparent LED car advertising media display screen

Car Screen Series

P8 transparent LED car advertising media display screen

Can be used for various vehicle models,

such as box cargo advertising vehicles, etc

Can promote various advertisements,

such as luggage, furniture, and showcase promotion

    Product Features

    Excellent display effect: The company's products use RGB full-color LED driver separation beads, which have excellent color restoration effects. Providing viewers with a truly visual experience

    High toughness and durability: Made of high-quality materials, it has good toughness and durability. Even when used in complex environments, it can maintain stable performance and a long service life.

    Product Details

    The P8 transparent LED car advertising screen is not only suitable for commercial advertising, but can also be used for personalized customization to meet personal needs. Users can design and customize exclusive car advertising content based on their preferences and needs, showcasing their personal style and achieving self promotion and personalized display. At the same time, it can also be applied to special events and social welfare propaganda, improving publicity effectiveness and social influence. The P8 transparent LED car advertising screen is an innovative car advertising tool that combines the characteristics of LED technology and the rear windshield of cars, bringing new possibilities to car advertising. It has broad application prospects in the advertising and promotion field of the automotive industry. I hope that the P8 transparent LED car advertising screen can bring more surprises and effects to your car advertising promotion.

    Product parameters


    P8: 8*8mm

    Single module


    Pixel density


    Single box body


    Pixel density


    color processing

    8bit ~ 16bit

    working voltage


    Average Power


     P6 transparent LED energy-saving car advertising screen (2)2bt


    • What are the specific categories of your company's products?

      LED transparent display screen, LED transparent car display screen, LED transparent diving screen, LED customized irregular screen, LED call screen, LED transparent guardrail screen, etc

    • What are your company's customer development channels?

      Government engineering, real estate developers, night tourism, lighting engineering, indoor/outdoor lighting design, etc

    • Does your company participate in the exhibition?

      What are the specific details? International Smart Display and System Integration Exhibition, Guangya Exhibition, Screen Display World

    Application scenarios

    Improving the image of taxis, LED car displays can display the brand logo, service slogans, and other information of taxis, allowing passengers to have a deeper understanding of taxi companies. At the same time, by displaying vehicle information, driver information, etc., the trust of passengers in taxis is enhanced.


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