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P2.5 Transparent LED outdoor pole display screen

Lamp Pole Screen Series

P2.5 Transparent LED outdoor pole display screen

Can bring more innovation and convenience to urban landscape and information dissemination,

Can display various information in real-time, Such as traffic instructions, advertising, news and information, etc

    Product Features

    Versatility: It can be flexibly combined with other devices to create more diverse application scenarios, including retail displays, outdoor signage, etc. It can achieve various functions such as video playback, image display, and text scrolling to meet different needs

    Future development: Flexible display screen technology is constantly expanding and has broad application prospects and commercial value in the future. With further improvement and innovation in manufacturing processes, more advanced, flexible, and high-resolution flexible display screen products can be foreseen.

    Product Details

    mounting structure:Customizable installation method based on lamp pole structure,The installation and maintenance of P2.5 transparent LED outdoor light pole display screen is very simple. It can be customized and installed according to the actual situation on site, adapting to various site and environmental requirements,In addition, we also provide high-quality after-sales service and technical support to ensure that customers can receive timely help and solve problems during use.

    Product parameters


    P2.5: 2.5*5mm

    Single module


    Pixel density


    Single box body


    Pixel density


    color processing

    8bit ~ 16bit

    working voltage


    Average Power




    • How to repair transparent LED display screens?

      False soldering of lamp beads can be blown by an air gun, defective lamp beads can be replaced, and if the lamp panel is difficult to repair, the lamp panel can be replaced, etc

    • LED transparent usage scenarios?

      Commercial display, building decoration, large shopping malls, chain stores, etc

    • What security does the product need to have?

      All materials used are fire-resistant, with good waterproof performance and low heat generation

    Application scenarios

    LED transparent pole display screens can be integrated into buildings, such as the windows, porch, or courtyard of a building, adding a unique visual effect to the building. Especially at night, its bright display effect can enhance the night view of the city。


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