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P10 transparent film LED car advertising display screen

Car Screen Series

P10 transparent film LED car advertising display screen

Can be used for various vehicle models, such as box cargo advertising vehicles, etc

Can promote various advertisements, such as luggage, furniture, and showcase promotio


    Product Features

    mounting structure: After evaluating the structural environment of different vehicle models, corresponding solutions can be provided for construction. The installation structure needs to consider the requirements of aesthetics and practicality for easy operation.

    Customizability: The LED transparent car screen can be customized according to the interior space and design needs of the car, to meet the needs of different car models and users.

    Product Details

    It can display the best results in various environments. Whether on busy streets in cities or in peaceful rural areas, P10LED transparent car advertising screens can attract the attention of target customers. P10LED transparent car advertising screens can also be installed in various places such as shopping malls, sports venues, exhibition centers, etc., bringing more opportunities and possibilities for your brand promotion. Finally, our product provides comprehensive after-sales service and technical support. We will wholeheartedly provide you with the highest quality service, whether it is installation and debugging, or daily use issues. We hope to help you achieve the best promotional effect of your brand image through our products and services.

    Product parameters


    P10: 10*10mm

    Single module


    Pixel density


    Single box body


    Pixel density


    color processing

    8bit ~ 16bit

    working voltage


    Average Power




    • What is the price of LED transparent film display screens?

      Provide different quotes based on different models, spacing, sizes, and environments

    • What certifications have your company's products passed?

      3C certification UL certificate, CE certificate, ROHS certificate

    Application scenarios

    Improving the image of taxis, LED car displays can display the brand logo, service slogans, and other information of taxis, allowing passengers to have a deeper understanding of taxi companies. At the same time, by displaying vehicle information, driver information, etc., the trust of passengers in taxis is enhanced.


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