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P6 transparent organic polyester film screen

Transparent Screen Series

P6 transparent organic polyester film screen

Can stick any curvature, with good physical properties

Wide field of vision and smooth playback

Can customize different sizes of specifications

Stable and reliable product performance

High color rendering index and low power consumption

    Product Features

    Breakthrough Innovation: LED flexible transparent display industry leading technology, we gather top R&D teams, constantly explore and innovate, transparent screens have unlimited possibilities. Flame retardant, heat-resistant, and 360 ° bending, making your imagination come true

    Step By Step: A bending angle of no less than 85 degrees can be customized according to customer needs for various irregular/curved/double-sided transparent displays, seamless splicing display screen, light and thin screen body, arbitrary cutting, simple installation, and no heat.

    Product Details

    P6 transparent organic polyester film screen is a high-performance display material with excellent transparency and durability. P6 film screen also has high customization, which can be cut and processed according to specific customer requirements to meet the display screen needs of different sizes and shapes. We have advanced processing equipment and rich experience, which can provide customized solutions for customers and provide the best display effect and user experience for their products. The P6 transparent organic polyester film screen also meets environmental requirements and international environmental standards,. We are committed to providing safe and environmentally friendly high-quality materials to create healthier and more sustainable lifestyles for our customers. In short, with multifunctional and customizable display materials, we sincerely welcome customers to contact us and learn more about P6 thin film screens. Let's work together to create a better future!

    Product parameters

    model P4: 4*4mm
    Single module 400*240mm
    Pixel density 100*60
    Single box body 800*960
    Pixel density 48000
    color processing 8bit ~ 16bit
    working voltage 5V
    Average Power 100W/M²
    P6 transparent organic polyester film screen (1)ixz


    • How to judge the quality of LED transparent flexible screens?

      Materials, chips, luminescent dust, and so on

    • What are the specifications of LED transparent flexible screens?

      Current market specifications?P4, P6, P8, P10, P20, P25, and our specifications can achieve P2.5-5, P4, P6, P8, P10, P20, P25

    • What is the perspective of the LED transparent screen?

      Up to 160 degrees

    Application scenarios

    EXHIBITION: In exhibition halls and other venues, LED transparent screens can perfectly blend with the surrounding environment to provide visitors with an immersive experience. Make the display content more vivid and vivid, improve the participation and memory of visitors。
    P6 transparent organic polyester film screen (1)9u4


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