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P8transparent LED film screen

Transparent Screen Series

P8transparent LED film screen

Bringing you a clear and delicate visual enjoyment。

Dynamic and transparent, technological innovation

Showcasing an unprecedented visual feast for you。

High definition and high brightness, long lifespan

Providing stable and reliable guarantee for advertising information transmission。

    Product Features

    Selecting full-color LED beads for energy conservation and environmental protection: Adopting RGB light-emitting chips with low energy consumption design, it meets environmental requirements, has a long service life and lower maintenance costs, improves color reproduction, low power consumption, low heat sink, and recyclable materials for reuse

    Mounting Structure: According to the on-site structure, the installation method can be customized, for example: fixed installation: choose a suitable installation position according to actual needs and installation environment, to ensure that the display screen can be installed stably and meet the expected visual effect. It is necessary to consider factors such as the size, weight, brightness, line of sight of the display screen, as well as the requirements for the structure, fixing method, ventilation, and waterproofing of the installation position.

    Product Details

    P4 transparent LED car advertising display screen is an innovative technology for outdoor advertising. The LED car advertising display screen is designed to be installed inside different vehicles and become a mobile advertising platform. The platform updates the advertising content in each area in real-time through dedicated positioning software. This LED screen adopts a transparent and energy-saving design, which reduces power consumption while maintaining playback effects.
    The P4 transparent LED advertising display screen can display dynamic and static content such as videos, animations, and promotional information, providing better promotional effects in advertising activities. This flexible advertising platform can customize content for businesses, merchants, and individuals to maximize the impact of marketing efforts.

    Product parameters


    P8: 8*8mm

    Single module


    Pixel density


    Single box body


    Pixel density


    color processing

    8bit ~ 16bit

    working voltage


    Average Power


    P8 transparent LED lightweight high-definition and high brightness screen (1)ex1


    • What are the advantages of LED transparent flexible screens?

      Energy saving and environmental protection, low thermal dust, low light attenuation, recyclable materials, light weight, and convenient installation

    • How long does the lifespan of LED transparent flexible screens last?

      The service life of organic polyester film is up to ten years, and the service life of lamp beads is 96000/h

    • LED transparent screen transmittance?

      According to different product specifications, the transparency rate also varies, with a maximum transparency rate of up to 75%

    Application scenarios

    Can make the building itself a beautiful landscape. Meanwhile, the flexibility and plasticity of transparent screens enable them to adapt to various building shapes and structures, adding a touch of brightness to your urban landscape.
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