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P4 transparent LED guardrail screen

Guardrail Screen Series

P4 transparent LED guardrail screen

The perfect combination of creativity and technology

Conveying information and spreading visualsTransparent, lightweight, and flexible

Widely used pedestrian overpasses, mall fences, and outdoor fences

    Product Features

    Lightweight and easy to install: The transparent LED transparent guardrail screen is made of organic polyester film material, which is lightweight and suitable for various application scenarios such as overpasses and fences

    Safety: The transparent guardrail screen is made of high-strength and impact resistant materials, while providing a reliable safety barrier to protect people from potential dangerous injuries. Can effectively prevent accidental falls of personnel.

    Product Details

    The P4 transparent LED protective fence screen not only has excellent display effects, but also has excellent protective functions. Its structural design is sturdy and durable, able to withstand various harsh environments. Moreover, transparent design can ensure good lighting and ventilation effects on the site, without creating a sense of oppression, greatly improving user comfort. In addition, the product also has waterproof and dustproof characteristics, suitable for various indoor and outdoor environment safety protection needs.
    We also offer customized designs and a variety of sizes to meet the personalized needs of different users, providing them with more convenient and comprehensive services.

    Product parameters

    model P4: 4*4mm
    Single module 640*240mm
    Pixel density 160*60
    Single box body 1280*960
    Pixel /㎡ 62500
    color processing 16bit
    working voltage 5V
    Average Power 35W/M²
    P4 transparent LED guardrail screen (1)tbv


    • The difference between guardrail screens and tempered glass fences?

      he glass fence we commonly see only serves the safety purpose of preventing accidental falls of personnel, while the fence screen serves the safety purpose of preventing accidental falls of personnel and can also increase advertising promotion

    • How to install guardrail screens?

      Made into finished products by the factory, shipped to the site, and assembled and installed through on-site guidance by professional personnel

    • What benefits can LED guardrail screens bring?

      It can be used in different scenarios to present different effects, such as pedestrian overpasses, which can alert traffic safety

    Application scenarios

    Achieving security protection while increasing advertising revenue
    P4 transparent LED guardrail screen (3)loc


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