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Flexible Transparent Display Screen

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Flexible Transparent Display Screen


Advantages of Flexible Transparent Display
1. Ultra-transparent: lies in its extreme transparency of up to 60%;
2. Flexible and versatile: it can be easily bent and available in any curvature, curved surface and shaped screen can be easily realized;
3. Adaptable: it can operate stably in a variety of complex scenes and adapt to a variety of irregular installation environments;
4. High efficiency and energy saving: low power consumption design, not only reduces the operating cost, but also reduces energy consumption;
5. Green: compared with traditional displays, it can save power and resources more effectively and reduce energy consumption;


6. Vivid color: it can present a delicate and realistic picture effect, whether it is text, pictures or video, can be presented to the audience in the best state;
7. Long service life: the long-life characteristics also reduce the frequency of replacement, saving you a lot of time and cost;
8. Convenient maintenance: the modular design makes the maintenance and replacement of this display easy and fast;
9. Cuttable: its arbitrary cut function. Whether it is a standard rectangle, circle, or irregular shaped, it can be easily cut according to your needs, so that creativity is no longer limited to a fixed shape and size;
10. Seamless splicing: the use of advanced technology to achieve the effect of seamless splicing. No longer limited by the splicing traces of the traditional display, making the entire screen presents an extremely smooth and realistic picture. You can freely splice multiple screens to create a larger size display wall;
11. Multi-scene application: it can be widely used in commercial advertising, exhibition display, stage performance, large-scale activities and other fields.
12. Shaped customization: it can be customized in various shapes to create a unique display for you;
13. Quality assurance: long service life, simple and efficient, save time and labor;
14. Wide range of applications: can be used indoors, outdoors, cars, underwater use and so on;
15. Ultra-thin process: the use of advanced LED flexible transparent organic polyester film display in the details of the pursuit of excellence, to present you with a more exquisite display effect;