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Transparent Diving Screen Product


Transparent Diving Screen Product


Heng Yunlian LED display manufacturer has recently launched a new flexible and transparent LED underwater screen. This LED screen is uniquely transparent and thin, allowing it to display colorful images in underwater environments, as well as having energy-saving features that make it ideal for underwater landscape displays.

Heng Yunlian's flexible and transparent LED diving screen product utilizes advanced technology that allows it to display clear and vivid images in an underwater environment. Its transparent and thin design allows viewers to see the landscape behind the screen clearly underwater, adding new possibilities for underwater landscape display. At the same time, this LED screen has extremely low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection, in line with the pursuit of energy saving and environmental protection in modern society. 

In addition, this flexible LED diving screen also has IP68 waterproof grade, can be underwater for a long time stable operation, not affected by water pressure and water temperature. This means that whether in swimming pools, aquariums or underwater performance venues, this LED screen can be stable and reliable to display the content, bringing a new visual experience for the audience.

It is reported that Heng Yunlian's flexible and transparent LED diving screen products have been well received by the industry and consumers. The launch of this product has brought new possibilities for underwater landscape display and injected new vitality into the LED display industry.

With the continuous progress and innovation of science and technology, the transparent diving screen product industry is also constantly launching more advanced and more adaptable to various environments. The launch of Heng Yunlian's flexible transparent LED diving screen products has undoubtedly set a new benchmark for the LED display industry and brought more possibilities for underwater landscape display.