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Transparent LED underwater screen


Transparent LED underwater screen

2024-05-06 11:07:11

Hengyunlian Flexible Transparent LED Underwater Screen is a product with an IP68 waterproof rating. It adopts advanced technology and can display clear images and videos underwater. This underwater screen has a highly transparent feature, allowing viewers to enjoy high-definition content underwater without causing any impact on the underwater environment. Its flexibility allows it to adapt to various shapes and sizes of underwater scenes, providing new possibilities for underwater and display.

This underwater screen has a lifespan of up to 96000 hours and can operate continuously and stably without frequent replacement, greatly reducing maintenance costs. At the same time, it also supports customized specifications, which can be customized according to customer needs to meet the needs of different underwater scenarios. This customized feature allows it to be widely used in various underwater scenes such as underwater landscapes, aquariums, swimming pools, etc., bringing a brand new visual experience to the audience.

This underwater screen has good transparency, reaching over 70%, allowing viewers to clearly see the underwater landscape and creatures, while also enjoying high-definition images and videos. Its transparency allows it to seamlessly blend with the underwater environment without affecting the natural landscape, providing viewers with a more authentic and stunning viewing experience.

Overall, the Hengyunlian Flexible Transparent LED Underwater Screen is an innovative product with high transparency, long lifespan, and customized specifications. It brings new possibilities for underwater entertainment and display, presenting audiences with a clearer and more realistic underwater world. Its broad application prospects and stable and reliable performance make it an ideal choice for underwater entertainment and display fields.