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P8LED transparent guardrail display screen

Guardrail Screen Series

P8LED transparent guardrail display screen

Usually installed on the exterior walls, railings, glass curtain walls, and other locations of buildings

It can be used as a decorative element, as well as a carrier for advertising or information dissemination

In addition, personalized customization can be made according to customer needs to meet different scenarios and needs

    Product Features

    Energy conservation: We have adopted lamp drive separation technology to achieve true energy and electricity conservation in our products, with an average power consumption of 60W per square meter

    Durability: Made of high-quality organic polyester film material, it has weather resistance and corrosion resistance, which can maintain good condition for a long time, reduce the frequency of maintenance and replacement, improve service life and economy

    Product Details

    Whether indoors or outdoors, this display screen can add fashion and modernity to your place, while providing a clear and vivid visual experience. This display screen can be widely used on guardrails in public places such as shopping malls, stations, airports, sports venues, etc. It can serve as both a guardrail and an advertising display screen. This display screen has ultra-high reliability and stability, adopts advanced energy-saving technology, not only saves energy, but also effectively extends the service life of the product. P8 LED transparent guardrail display screen is a powerful, stable 
    P8 LED transparent guardrail display screen is a powerful, stable performance An innovative product with a beautiful appearance, it will provide you with a new way of advertising and display, while adding a sense of modernity and fashion to your place. We believe that choosing our product will be your wise choice

    Product parameters


    P8: 8*8mm

    Single module


    Pixel density


    Single box body


    Pixel density


    color processing

    8bit ~ 16bit

    working voltage


    Average Power


    P4 transparent LED car advertising display5dq


    • Penetration of guardrail screen?

      The product has a transparency of up to 75%

    • Usage period of guardrail screen?

      Better night effect and more beautiful appearance

    • LED guardrail screen material?

      The LED guardrail screen is made of organic polyester film material with a 97% recovery rate

    Application scenarios

    Achieved the addition of security protection while increasing advertising revenue
    P6LED transparent guardrail display screen is applied in various occasions (2)61d


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