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P4 transparent LED irregular screen

Alien Screen Series

P4 transparent LED irregular screen

Irregular design leads a new visual trend

Breaking the norm, the unconventional screen lights up your world

Unique design showcases individual charm

    Product Features

    Unique design: Can be customized according to different needs, and can be made into various unique shapes and patterns, such as spherical, arc-shaped, triangular, hexagonal, cylindrical, cubic, circular, and irregular shapes. This unique design can attract more attention and enhance the display effect.

    Flexibility: Organic polyester film material with strong bending flexibility, meeting the needs of different shapes.

    Product Details

    P4 transparent LED car advertising display screen is an innovative technology for outdoor advertising. The LED car advertising display screen is designed to be installed inside different vehicles and become a mobile advertising platform. The platform updates the advertising content in each area in real-time through dedicated positioning software. This LED screen adopts a transparent and energy-saving design, which reduces power consumption while maintaining playback effects.
    The P4 transparent LED advertising display screen can display dynamic and static content such as videos, animations, and promotional information, providing better promotional effects in advertising activities. This flexible advertising platform can customize content for businesses, merchants, and individuals to maximize the impact of marketing efforts.

    Product parameters

    model P4: 4*4mm
    Single module customized
    Pixel density customized
    Single box body customized
    Pixel /㎡ customized
    color processing 16bit
    working voltage 5V
    Average Power 35W/M²
    P4 transparent LED irregular screen (2)uc2


    • What are the types of LED transparent displays?

      LED transparent display screens are usually divided into two types: full-color transparent LED screens and monochrome transparent LED screens

    • How to choose the appropriate LED transparent display screen?

      Choosing a suitable LED transparent display screen requires consideration of factors such as display content requirements, visual distance, confirmation of viewing angle, screen resolution requirements, installation environment requirements, and cost control.

    • What scenarios are LED irregular display screens suitable for?

      Commercial complexes, exhibition halls, bars, stores, hotels, office buildings, high-speed trains, subways, stations, airports, and other occasions.

    Application scenarios

    Diversified display content: can display various contents such as text, images, videos, etc., to meet your diverse needs
    P4 transparent LED irregular screen (1)3fv


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