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P6 transparent LED energy-saving car advertising screen

Car Screen Series

P6 transparent LED energy-saving car advertising screen

Can be used for buses, taxis, cars, trucks, etc

Can integrate daily advertisements, news, policies, and public information. Urban culture, transportation, and other information are displayed to the public through display screens, Its public welfare is particularly prominent, serving as a window for the government to promote urban civilizat


    Product Features

    Specification customization: Seamless splicing display screen based on the required display structure shape, invisible installation, integration with the environmental structure, breaking conventions, creating a unique and outstanding, Hengyunlian LED transparent film car screen, to meet your various customized needs.

    Save labor: Due to the use of modular boxes, not only does it improve installation efficiency, but it also effectively reduces construction labor costs. Our P6 transparent LED car advertising screen also features lightweight and easy installation, allowing for flexible splicing according to actual needs, adapting to vehicles of different sizes and shapes. At the same time, it can achieve remote control and content updates, which is convenient and fast. Advanced LED display technology is adopted to ensure excellent display effects and reliable performance. It has high brightness, high contrast, and a wide range of perspectives, allowing the advertising content to be clearly displayed to pedestrians and other vehicles, effectively enhancing the promotional effect of the advertisement.Suitable for various vehicle advertising promotion scenarios, such as taxis, buses, commercial fleets, etc. It can help advertisers quickly attract the attention of their target audience, enhance brand awareness and sales. At the same time, it can also bring new possibilities for outdoor advertising promotion in cities, adding a beautiful scenery to people's travel.

    Product Details

    P4 transparent LED car advertising display screen is an innovative technology for outdoor advertising. The LED car advertising display screen is designed to be installed inside different vehicles and become a mobile advertising platform. The platform updates the advertising content in each area in real-time through dedicated positioning software. This LED screen adopts a transparent and energy-saving design, which reduces power consumption while maintaining playback effects.
    The P4 transparent LED advertising display screen can display dynamic and static content such as videos, animations, and promotional information, providing better promotional effects in advertising activities. This flexible advertising platform can customize content for businesses, merchants, and individuals to maximize the impact of marketing efforts.

    Product parameters


    P6: 6*6mm

    Single module


    Pixel density


    Single box body


    Pixel density


    color processing

    8bit ~ 16bit

    working voltage


    Average Power




    • LED car display screens have the following advantages?

      High brightness, long lifespan, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, easy to install

    • What are the components of the entire composition of the LED transparent car film display screen?

      Lamp board+structure+driver+system+power supply

    • Choosing the appropriate LED car display screen requires consideration of factors?

      Screen size, resolution, brightness, quality, and usage time, etc

    Application scenarios

    Advertising contains enormous market demand and potential, and with its various resource advantages, it will undoubtedly provide the most valuable advertising resources for multimedia and businesses in this city, becoming the most effective way to promote product and service advertising. We believe that the unique form of in car LED advertising will become a major highlight of the new advertising carrier.


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