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P4 transparent LED outdoor light pole display advertising screen

Lamp Pole Screen Series

P4 transparent LED outdoor light pole display advertising screen

As a new type of advertising display method,

With its unique transparency and high definition,

Bringing a brand new visual experience to outdoor advertising。

    Product Features

    Display frame: Through the company's research and development of a transparent lamp pole display screen, it has achieved a multifunctional function of one pole. The product can be displayed on one or both sides, ensuring both the display effect and the transparency of the product.

    Product Details

    Fully enclosed box design with dust-proof, waterproof, sun proof, moisture-proof and other characteristics, suitable for various harsh environments,Can be widely used in outdoor places such as commercial districts, shopping centers, station squares, sports venues, etc,By combining with buildings, not only can advertising and publicity tasks be completed, but also a fashionable and modern atmosphere can be added to the buildings, enhancing the overall urban style and taste. In addition, the product can also be customized according to customer needs, and its size and shape can be adjusted according to actual situations to meet the needs of different places
    Widely applicable scenarios. We believe that with the continuous expansion and upgrading of the outdoor advertising market, this product will become the future star of the outdoor advertising industry

    Product parameters

    model P4: 4*4mm
    Single module 640*240mm
    Pixel density 160*60
    Single box body 1280*960
    Pixel /㎡ 62500
    color processing 16bit
    working voltage 5V
    Average Power 35W/M²
    P4 transparent LED outdoor light pole display advertising screen (3)1vs


    • How is the product waterproof? 

      Our product has a protection level of IP68

    • Market prospects of LED transparent pole screens?

      LED, as an environmentally friendly and energy-saving display technology, is in line with the current global environmental trends. Therefore, LED transparent pole screens also have great market potential in environmental protection and energy conservation.

    • The basic principle of LED transparent pole screen?

      By controlling the brightness and color of LEDs, combined with special transparent materials, clear and transparent display effects can be achieved.

    Application scenarios

    LED pole screens can be used on both sides of urban roads to publish traffic information advertisements, as well as in commercial parks, exhibitions, scenic displays.
    P4 transparent LED outdoor light pole display advertising screen (2)m0z


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