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P6 transparent LED unique design screen

Alien Screen Series

P6 transparent LED unique design screen

The product adopts high-quality LED beads, combined with unique styling design

Unique design screens can bring a unique, visual experience to your display space

Diversified display content

    Product Features

    Transparency: According to the pixel density of the irregular product, the transparency can reach 30%~70%。

    Save time and effort: Ultra light: 2.5kg/m2, beneficial for high-altitude lifting of irregular screens, effectively reducing construction labor costs and installation processes, and ensuring safety production

    Product Details

    P6 transparent LED special shaped screens can be customized in various shapes according to the special needs of customers, such as arcs, circles, triangles, etc., which can perfectly integrate into the design and decoration of various occasions. They are easy to install and flexible, with low maintenance costs, greatly saving customers' time and costs. P6 transparent LED special shaped screens are popular in the market for their unique characteristics and excellent performance, and are widely used in commercial advertising, stage performances, exhibition displays, etc Airport stations and other fields. Our products adhere to the concept of "high quality, high performance, and high stability", providing customers with high-quality products and services, and working together with customers to create a better future!

    Product parameters


    P6: 6*6mm

    Single module


    Pixel density


    Single box body


    Pixel density


    color processing

    8bit ~ 16bit

    working voltage


    Average Power


    P6 transparent LED unique design screen (2)13o


    • Can any LED irregular display screen be made with any irregular shape?

      Spherical, circular, hexagonal, and cylindrical screens can all be made, and special shaped products need to be measured on drawings before they can be determined

    • Do you have any requirements for the size of irregular screens?

      There are requirements for the size, such as the circular diameter cannot be less than 960mm

    • What scenarios are special-shaped display screens suitable for?

      Partial indoor use, with one example used outdoors

    Application scenarios

    Easy to install and maintain: The product has a compact structure, easy installation, and easy maintenance
    P6 transparent LED unique design screen (1)hyn


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